Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I'm Divin' In

Last night I successfully managed to dip my toes in the pond of cake decorating. I've never really been one to test the waters before jumping in, so tonight...I'm diving in head first. Two words describe the lunacy I am going to attempt cake. I know I know, people will think I'm nuts for trying such a difficult thing so soon, but you can't succeed or move forward without trying or at least screwing a few things up first. That, my friends, is how you learn. It took me two years at my current job to realize that if you don't break some things then you will never learn how to fix them when they break on their own. So, my lesson tonight will be in repair, I believe. I am fully aware that something has to screw up when dealing with at least twenty-thirty plus pounds of temperamental cake, icing, filling, and fondant.

Honestly, I have no earthly idea what to do with all of these cakes once I bake them. The "Baby Stars" cake as I have so lovingly named it, has gone to my aunt who is currently expecting a baby as a bribe to let me make her baby shower cake. (the bribe worked for the record) Pink Zebra, however, is sitting on the counter at my workplace...I guess no one is hungry for cake today? Lame, right? I refuse to take it home though, I will have cake coming out of my ears after tonight!

I am insanely excited for tonight and will be on the edge of my seat until my work day is over in another three and a half hours...I'll be posting pictures of my experience after I finish up with the insanity.

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