Tuesday, March 15, 2011

It's a Quarter After One...

So, it is after one in the morning and I have finally finished two very small fondant covered cakes. I started this afternoon around 4:00pm with going to the grocery store and local hobby store to get the ingredients and tools for this little adventure I decided to throw myself into at full force this afternoon. How am I feeling after accomplishing what I set out to do today? I. Am. Exhausted. Though I am dead on my feet, I am very happy with the outcome of the taste and look of my cakes, especially for it being my first time trying to decorate anything this complicated or time consuming. Not only am I exhausted, I am also stained with fondant coloring all over my hands. It looks like a hippy got a hold of my hands and dipped them in some tie-dye.

The inside is homemade chocolate cake filled with homemade butter cream icing with a crumb coat of butter cream icing as well. Fondant is used to cover the outsides of both of the cakes and I used fondant coloring to get it the shade I wanted. 

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